Saturday, 19 November 2016

DR Strange

Hey Guys sorry it has been a while since my last post on here ,but work has kept me super busy so I haven't really had the opportunity to see any movies really until last week.

I saw Dr strange, now I never really thought this one would go anywhere and  I wondered why they had bothered to make a movie out of it,  and I am not the biggest fan of Cumberbatch  so this movie was not hitting high on my expectations, but I am very much a man who will watch a movie regardless of how I feel about it then give it my honest opinion.

So how did Dr strange do ?

I was actually quite surprised by this one , the special effects are done quite well and its backed up by what I must admit was solid acting by Cumberbatch , at first I was like ..why would they pick him to play Dr strange  , but the more I watched i could see that he was a very good choice.

the story follows Dr strange who is a neurosurgeon and very arrogant with it, often dismissing cases that he feels are below him and he lives life the same way until a accident forces him to give up what  he is best at, but on hearing that a pacient who he refused to help made a full recovery from a broken back Dr strange goes on a quest to seek the patient and how he recovered from his injury and its from here where he finds a ancient people and a possible way to be cured from his injury and get his job back as the best neurosurgeon in the world. 

His curiosity soon gets him in to trouble however as he delves in to magic and spells beyond his understanding, but as the movie unfolds the plot does thicken a little, but I feel that a some what weak story is  covered well by the special effects and good acting from Cumberbatch

This movie did do better than I expected but didn't meet my expectations of what Dr strange should be.

I give DR strange a 6/10

thanks for reading :)

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Shawshank Redemption

Well I know that the Shawshank Redeption has been out for many years now, but I think that I should review this movie so that any body who reads my blog has a idea of just what I consider to be a perfect movie.

The Shawshank redemption is as close to perfect in terms of movies as you can get in my opinion, 
its a great story of a man who is falsely accused and sent to prison for the murder of his wife.
Written by the great Stephen King and directed by Frank Dabaront, this story is set in ShawShank prison in America. 

Andy Dufresne played by Tim Robbins learns how to survive within the walls of the prison and soon becomes friends with Red, Morgan freeman who voices the movie as well as acts in it. it follows the two as they live each day by the rules of the prison and the guards and warden, but Andy soon discovers just how corrupt the prison is after offering advice to a guard on his taxes. Been a banker in his previous life before prison, Andy knows all the in and outs of tax law, but soon gets in over his head when the warden finds out and has Andy making money for him under the threat of either play by the wardens rules or face every day in a living hell. Andy tries to find a way out of the situation and comes up with a plan not only to escape , but to uncover all the scams that are going on within the prison walls. 

The acting in this movie is amazing, and the setting and the way the movie is set is perfect. it will keep you watching from beginning to end and have you wondering what happens next.

I give this movie 10/10 
A must see 

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Saturday, 24 September 2016

Secret life of pets

The secret life of pets

This is a fun look at what our furry friends get up to when we leave then at home while we go about our every day buisness

beautifully animated and cleverly crafted , the movie follows a group of pets that live in the same building, and when two of them get lost the rest of the group go in search of their friends.

Their adventure takes them from the streets of the city to the sewers below and beyond as they unthinkingly stumble across all kinds of animals , some friendly and some not so friendly but all are funny  and play a good role in the movie.

A good movie for children and adults alike, the only thing I found about this movie that was a bit of a drawback was that it starts to run out of humor near the end. but it kept me entertained all way through.

My rating for this movie is 7/10

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Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Sausage Party

If your expecting cute little furry animated animals and playful things then this movie is about the furthest from that you will ever get.

Sausage party is about life through the eyes of your everyday shopping products , hot dogs, Carrots, and sauces. they come to life and their idea of heaven is to be purchased by a human in the belief  that beyond the shopping store door is paradise where they are looked after by the humans and will live the life of bliss...they couldn't be more wrong.

Hell is closer to what they actually experience as potatoes get skinned alive and boiled , Carrots get chopped up and mangled and hot dogs get chopped in half in the back setting of what is not heaven but in fact a slaughter house that is a every day kitchen.

as the story unfolds it follows a group of products voiced by Seth Rogan, Craig Robinson, Edward Norton, Salma Hayek and Maryke Hendrikse, who try to convince the others that the humans they think are gods are more like the devil and they should rebel against them.

With more swearing than wolf of wall street and Adult humor in every scene this movie is not for kids and I felt it was more deserved of a 18 certificate than its current 15 rating.
But it did make me laugh often and was entertaining but I felt that it did run a little to long for what it was and the story soon ran thin of ideas. 

My movie rating for Sausage Party is....
worth a watch but could be better.

Sunday, 18 September 2016


Having been a big fan of the original Movie , I was reluctant to give the new ( Reboot) a try.

The original movie had four of the major actors of their time and a solid story to go on, 
the special effects were at the edge of technology for the was just a all round good movie which I dearly love and with that in mind the reboot had a lot to live up to.

So on to the new version
The Reboot had so much hype and advertisements were plenty, and I must admit I was very skeptical that it would live up to the hype, after all it has big shoes to fill, and with four relativity unknown actresses it would be even tougher, so how did it do.

TERRIBLE, the story was weak the acting was weaker, the plot involves a crazy scientist who has created a device to amplify paranormal activity within its range. and four reject scientists come together to create the Ghostbusters. they are soon fighting the ghosts on more levels than one with new gadgets and quirky one liners.

The movie actually starts of really well and in the for the first five minutes I thought .. ohhh i'm in for a surprise here, but after that it just falls down rapidly. the best element in it is actually Chris Hemsworth who is genuinely funny throughout and shines above all the others in the move... he plays the Secretary and never fails to entertain when he is on screen.

there are some funny one liners from the rest of the cast but if it wasn't for Chris Hemsworth and a few cameo appearnces from Bill Murray, Dan Akroyd  and Ernie Hudson, this movie would in my opinion be a complete failure.

While I may have been comparing it to the original which I couldn't help and it does not come any where near, I cant help but feel that it is just a big let down.  

Shoddy Acting, terrible plot, the special effects were actually great but not enough to save it.
if you take it as a stand alone movie and have not seen the original you may enjoy it more but I wouldn't expect anything great from it.

My movie rating for Ghostbusters is 3/10

Thanks for reading

Saturday, 17 September 2016

Blair Witch

So this is my first attempt at a movie review and I hope it does well

I watch new movies quite often and I always have a opinion on them so I thought I would put it down in writing as a reference for other people to go by.
I do believe that you should never judge a book/movie by the cover so I shall always watch a movie regardless of what I hear before passing judgment.


I recently watched the Blair witch.

I loved the original and I do believe it was a bar raiser for the kind of movie it was, set as a documentary and through the eyes of the camcorder of the people involved it was truly unique and hit people on a physiological level, you never actually saw any thing directly and there was actually no special effects what so ever in the original, the story was compelling and the cast seemed genuine.

Now the way I work is I rate movies on a out of ten scale.. so the original Blair witch project got a 6/10 for me, I am often very strict and honest to my opinion on the movies I watch.. and a VERY rare few movies have made the 10/10.

So as for the Blair witch 

The movie starts out quite well.. again following a group of people as they record events that are almost identical to the first one, they go in to the woods after hearing that they have found yet more tapes from the original Blair witch project. Here is where I feel the Hollywood effect takes over, the plot line in short is that one of the people in this movie is the brother of Heather the lady from the original, he goes on information from the footage and a young couple who found the tapes. After been lead far in to the forest , slowly but surly things begin to happen and one by one they are picked off by trees that move and shadows that have heavy footsteps.

The acting in this one is not bad but could be better, and while it had a lot more of a budget than the original there is nothing physiological about this one, it seems to me that rather than try that approach they decided to just place several scenes in the movie to make you jump out of your seat.

the movie does leave you with many questions and it wont surprise me if it is followed by a sequel sometime in the future.

The Blair Witch gets a ....5/10

Worth a watch but don't expect to much apart from the occasional jump out of your seat.